Universal Design

In the course of our lifetime, without a doubt our home is the single greatest investment we’ll ever make. But more than an investment financially, our homes are an investment in our lives. Homes are where we hang our hat. It’s where we cherish memories and gather with friends and family to create new ones. Home is where we can be ourselves.

Unfortunately, as life progresses, it often brings with it a share of heartache. Be it old age or physical impairments, challenges in our lives can take us away from the one place we feel comfortable and belong. Studies have shown that the joy we feel in life is a direct proponent to our physical capability and outlook on life. All too often, when difficult times arise, we feel we have no choice but to move to “care facilities” that are stale and lifeless. By keeping ourselves or our loved ones in the home that’s familiar to them, we have a much greater chance of increasing quality of life, healing, and drive.

The answer to such a situation is Universal Design, also known as Aging-In-Place. Through Universal Design we are able to outfit our clients’ homes so that they can stay where they are and enjoy their own living space with the added benefit of all the facilities necessary to tend to their needs. All our work is built with our clients’ safety in mind, and we ensure all medical equipment and adjustments are not only effective but aesthetically pleasing to home decor.

Universal Design, too, isn’t just for the aged or physically handicapped. It’s for all of us who want added convenience in the place we love and call home.



Some of the many benefits that Universal Design offers are:

  • No-step entry, using ramps and smooth entryways, makes access to your home an easy one.
  • Widened doorways and halls make wheelchair passage a breeze.
  • Extra floor space opens up living space to lighten the ambiance and makes wheelchair use that much easier.
  • Switch and outlet placement, be it lowering light switches or raising electrical outlets, can make all the difference when it comes to accessibility.
  • Customized cabinetry — like knee-space under your stove or sink, pull out counters, and lowered cabinetry — makes your kitchen the heart of your home once again.

Even simple changes can make all the difference.

  • Floors and bathtubs with non-slip surfaces help everyone stay on their feet. Handrails on steps and grab bars in bathrooms give that added security.
  • Thresholds that are flush with the floor prevent trip hazards and make it easier for wheelchair passage.
  • Improved lighting doesn’t just help our clients with poor vision, it changes the entire atmosphere of the home.
  • Lever door handles, unique plumbing fixtures and rocker style light switches give an extra hand — not just to clients with poor hand strength, but for all of us who could use an extra hand. Try using these when your arms are full – you’ll never go back to the usual!

The items shown are select samples only. Contact us for a face-to-face appointment and we can discuss the options best suitable for your needs.